Uber's big day arrives

After spurring the wider tech industry—from Lyft to Pinterest—to run toward the IPO finish line before the party is over, Uber is finally going public later today on the New York Stock Exchange. That values the company at $75 billion, a far cry from the rumored valuation in 2018 of $120 billion. The price? $45 a share—in the low-end of its expected price range, because it seems the company had a reality check in the Lyft IPO, which opened strong and now finds itself 23 percent below its opening price. Uber, according to The New York Times, has been advised to act cautiously, and price at a level that's realistic to appease a stock market that's in turmoil. Uber's co-founder, Garrett Camp, will find himself a multi-billionaire by the weekend, with him set to gain approximately $3.7 billion after years of waiting (even though he's already a millionaire). Travis Kalanick –Uber IPO has arrived ↗