WeWork, you pay

It's finally arrived, the 'We' company IPO and it's a big one. WeWork scored huge investment over the years, and enormous losses to match—but we never really knew what state the business was in. With the filing of its S-1, the curtain is pulled back for the first time and it's brutal. First, the numbers themselves: Revenue grew from $436M in 2016 to $1.82B in 2018. That's a growth rate of 100% year-over-year, and its half-year result looks positive too: it's already at $1.54B and climbing for the first half of 2019.Losses grew from $396M in 2016 to $677M in 2018. Then, in the first half of this year they skyrocked to $1.37 billion. It's getting worse every year, and there's no sight of it slowing down.It has $2.47 billion in the bank and wants to raise up to $6B alongside the IPO which is... odd. And, according to Crunchbase, it already burned through all of the cash it raised in that $1B round –WeWork IPO arrives ↗