A cheaper flagship signals changing smartphone sales

Smartphones have become much more expensive, it's not just you. There's been a lot of debate about whether the Pixel 3a, Google's 'low-cost' phone, matters at all over the last few days—but most of the discussion is missing the point: if you're reading this, it's probably not really designed for you to buy. Over the last few years, high-end devices have crept up dramatically in many markets, after years of prices going down across the market. Led by the iPhone X, which was designed to push prices higher, Apple successfully convinced millions of customers that a more expensive version of the iPhone was absolutely necessary. For the millions of customers that couldn't stomach the price shift to over $1,000 if you were to buy it outright, it's likely they sat out the last few cycles, buying a used device or a lower-end one instead. As sales have slowed, that's left a huge gap in the market that