Symantec signals problems

It's likely been years since you paid for antivirus software, but Symantec is still around nonetheless – and something appears to be wrong. According to Reuters, "concerns" from a former employee triggered an internal audit and have delayed reporting earnings.

Symantec isn't saying what the problem is, but eventually it'll have to tell the SEC what happened. If it's halting earnings, it's likely not good news. 

What's odd, however, is that the company says it isn't a breach or security concerns... but it's hard to come down on what else could cause such an issue outside of a serious personnel issue. 

As a result of the news, the company lost the most value on public markets in history. Yeah, Symantec is still around, and now we get to wait and see what's happened – more as it comes in.

If you're still using Symantec, it's time to just stop paying and start using the free Windows Defender antivirus instead. It's more than enough, and paid antivirus is a dying industry (unless you're a business customer).

Snapchat rolls out redesign of its redesign

After a petition from Snapchat users with a few hundred thousands signatures, it's launching a redesign of its app (again) that focuses on making it more like the original to reduce confusion. 

With user satisfaction at an all-time low, Snapchat was under escalating pressure to capitulate as the younger demographic in particular balked at the confusing, ad-landen new format that made them work to find friends' stories.

This is bad news. Remember, Snap was touting this redesign would help save the service in the face of constant pressure from Instagram's copy-cat format which continues to launch new and erm, inspired, features. Now? Well, that didn't work at all.

What does that mean for user growth? This last quarter wasn't good news but wasn't reflective of a full quarter with the new design out in the world. We'll find out next quarter what is really going on, but I'm not optimistic about the service ever getting back to pre-IPO levels of user signups. 

Everyone hoped Snapchat would be another Facebook, but maybe it's just another Twitter.

Tab Dump

Boston Dynamics plans first consumer product
The company that bought you very scary robots is happy to share that it plans to sell you a decidedly less scary robot -- a robotic dog -- in 2018, but the price is anyone's guess.

Google updates policies for GDPR, with good surprises
More on this next week but Google updated its policies in advance of GDPR next week and it's got some interesting surprises inside, including endorsement for an open data portability format export that would make it easier to shift your email or other data elsewhere. 

Next week I'm planning to write a bit more about GDPR in general, as many people seem lost about what's happening, so hang tight