Zuckerberg to face EU parliament

Surprise news this morning: the EU parliament is expecting to have Mark Zuckerberg testify as soon as next week, despite turning down an invitation (which later turned into a demand) to visit the UK as well. European politicians, particularly with the GDPR law coming into force in a matter of days, are likely to be much harder on Zuckerberg than politicians in the US. Meanwhile, Christopher Wylie, the man who started all of this, went in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday to discuss the revelations and why he was involved.  What's frustrating about the EU appearance is that Facebook somehow negotiated the session in Europe to be closed doors, and will not be recorded other than a written transcript that will be later provided to the media.  We may not ever know exactly what is said behind those doors as a result, and Facebook is wisely using the closed-door session to –Zuckerberg world tour ↗