This insight from a former Apple employee about the switch from PowerPC to Intel is interesting, given that Steve Jobs specifically negotiated to not include the awful Intel Inside sticker on every MacBook when the switch was made:

I approached him with my biggest concern: “Please tell me we won’t have to put the Intel Inside logo on our Macs.” With a big grin, Steve looked me in the eye and said, “Trust me, I made sure that’s in the contract.

Intel spent a fortune marketing to consumers directly, even though it mostly develops direct relationships with businesses to include its processors in hardware. That's a smart play, but it's ended up with some exceedingly tacky results.

What's amazing is almost every Windows laptop still has these stickers on it. The high-end Razer Blade I trialled had it, many Dell laptops still include it... and it's awful. Thankfully, Microsoft's own in-house devices forgo the sticker, but it's amazing it's lived this long.