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Listen in every week as Frederique, Zach and Owen break down the biggest issues in the tech industry. With our short episodes, you'll get the best briefing you possibly can on trends in technology.

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Latest episodes

095: Update Your Sh*t

Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk about this week's tech news including Mark Zuckerburg's latest manifesto, upcoming tech IPOs, and a nasty Google Chrome vulnerability (don't forget to update!)

094: All Over The News

Frederique, Owen, and Zach are back in the same room to do a lightning round rundown of the past month of news.

093: Face(palm)Time

This week, Frederique and Zach talk about Apple and Facebook's multiple blunders and privacy violations.

110: Shadow-presenting Nipples

Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk about several data breaches, age discrimination at IBM, hate groups on Discord and Cloudflare, Instagram shadow bans, and more!

089: The highs and lows of tech in 2018

This week, something a little different: Zach, Frederique and Owen talk through our highlights in the tech industry from 2018... then the low points. There's so much and we tried to fit it all! 

088: He Wasn't Like Zuck, He Was A Human

Zach and Owen get nerdy about browsers this week, after the news that Microsoft will make a historic change to its web browser (RIP, Internet Explorer). Also, we talk about what that means for ~apps~ and a bunch of other stuff, like how weird the podcasting industry is.

087: Men are trash

Zach, Frederique and Owen get into a deep discussion this week on one big thing: why is Tumblr cracking down on NSFW content? And why are sex workers so discriminated against online? 

Your hosts

Owen Williams

Owen is a freelance UX writer and technical product marketer in Amsterdam, previously Editor at TNW and Digital Director at VanMoof. He made Charged, and is way too deep in keeping up with tech, what's new, and helping people understand it.

Frederique Matti

Frederique is a Dutch freelance illustrator living in Amsterdam, usually drawing for tech companies from all over the world. She’s obsessed with cats and cooking.

Zach Grosser

Zach is a freelance presentation designer in Amsterdam, specialized in company storytelling and fundraising. He previously worked on design education at Figma, was a designer at Square for five years, taught pro tools at Apple, and went to university for glassblowing.

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We've collected some of our favorite episodes, so jump in and listen to these first!

061: A new chapter: meet our new hosts!

After a sad goodbye to John, we've got a new show format featuring not one but two amazing new hosts. Jump in and meet our new co-hosts, Zach and Frederique.

063: Workflows and Getting Things Done

A very special edition this week: we talk about how we get shit done. Everything from tools to hardware, we'll cover what's helping us get through our day.