Everything worth knowing from Google's big day

Google's annual hardware event happened today in New York City, and I was there to see how it would unfold in the flesh. It's one of the most confusing events I've ever attended, simply because we almost knew everything about what was to come, but very little at the same time.  Despite all of the leaks, Google came out with a great show: it unveiled a formidable ecosystem of devices across mobile, computing and the home that worked together seamlessly for the first time. Here's a quick recap of what we saw, at a high level: Pixel Slate, Google's latest take on the next-generation laptop, which is somewhere between Surface Book and iPad Pro. It's a convertible laptop running ChromeOS, but friendly enough to watch Netflix in bed. It's a beautiful device, starting at $599 without keyboard,  Home Hub, the latest device in the Google Home family, is essentially a screen glued to –Enjoy the Charged Google Recap ↗