WhatsApp founders struggled to align with Facebook

Today, The Wall Street Journal ran a very long, well researched story about how WhatsApp struggled to gel with Facebook after its $22 billion acquisition, ultimately resulting in the founders leaving the company: WhatsApp was an incongruous fit within Facebook from the beginning. Messrs. Acton and Koum are true believers on privacy issues and have shown disdain for the potential commercial applications of the service. Facebook, on the other hand, has built a sprawling, lucrative advertising business that shows ads to users based on data gathered about their activities.  The piece describes an increasingly frustrating experience for both sides, with WhatsApp refusing to monetize its service beyond the $0.99/year fee, and Facebook pushing for advertising. But what's even more surprising is how arms-length the company stayed once at Facebook, even after joining the team on campus:  "Some Facebook staffers considered the WhatsApp unit a mystery and sometimes poked fun at it. After –The expensive split of WhatsApp and Facebook ↗