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Owen is an technology journalist with a background in software development and helping people understand the industry.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Owen writes a weekly column for Medium's OneZero, and spends his days as Content Strategy Manager at Shopify.

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Frederique, Owen and Zach talk about Fortnite, and how Ninja is now a skin in the game. Also, a bunch more!

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CES is finally over, and.... it's time to take stock of what happened. Zach, Frederique, and Owen, talk hardware, and all the new things.

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Make your lights smart with switches, not bulbs

Smart lighting is everywhere, but it's cheaper and less hassle to replace your switches, not each individual bulb. Here's the best choices, and why.

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Frederique, Owen, and Zach freeze over hell! We talk Surface, Windows, Cybertruck, Stadia, Light Phone II, and more.

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Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk about Fortnite, Google's hardware event, and introduce a brand new segment for the end of the show!

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Owen, Zach and Frederique talk about all the things wrong, from Apple to Facebook, it's a nightmare.

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This week, Frederique, Zach and Owen talk about games, from RUST to The Untitled Goose Game and Goat Simulator. Also, design tools!

116: Normally-sized Hands

Apple's big keynote is here, and Zach and Frederique take it on: iPhone Xr, Xs and much more.