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Owen is an independent technology journalist with a background in software development and helping people understand the industry. Based in the Netherlands, Owen writes a weekly column for Medium's OneZero, and was previously Editor at The Next Web and Digital Director at VanMoof.

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100: You're folding it wrong

Frederique, Owen, and Zach chat about the Samsung Galaxy Fold flopping before it gets out the door.

99: Pödcåst

Frederique, Owen, and Zach chat about the new IKEA + Sonos collab and Snap.


This week on the show, we talk about Amazon's awful warehouses, Superhuman's dodgy tracking practices, and Jony Ive leaving Apple.

098: Charged+

Frederique, Owen, and Zach discuss the latest Apple event, subscription overwhelm, UK porn vouchers, and more!

097: Yet Another Wi-Fi Device: Your Controller

Frederique and Owen talk about the tech news of the week, including Google's Stadia announcement at GDC.

096: The LAN before time

This week, Frederique, Owen and Zach dive deep on Spotify's spat with Apple: is it fair that Apple takes 30% of each purchase? Then, we talk about the future of gaming ~in the cloud~ and much, much more.

095: Update Your Sh*t

Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk about this week's tech news including Mark Zuckerburg's latest manifesto, upcoming tech IPOs, and a nasty Google Chrome vulnerability (don't forget to update!)