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Owen is an technology journalist with a background in software development and helping people understand the industry.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Owen writes a weekly column for Medium's OneZero, and spends his days as Content Strategy Manager at Shopify.

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115: Justin TrudOwen

Owen's back, in a whole new continent after moving to Toronto, Canada. This week we talk about Computex, IFA, those retro Microsoft Courier concepts and a bunch more.

Google and Saint Laurent are making a gesture-enabled smart backpack

Google's Project Jacquard is back with its second smart wearable: a gesture-enabled backpack, in collaboration with Saint Laurent.

114: Windows Into Your Soul

Zach and Frederique talk about the big hardware week; Apple and Microsoft Events, as well as a bunch of other great new things.

Lenovo X1 carbon review: the best light, portable laptop

It's fast, quiet, and ultra-light. Lenovo's X1 Carbon is one of the best MacBook alternatives available today, and it'll last you forever.

Making web dev on Windows great with WSL2

Learn how to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2), and get the perfect web development set up on Windows in minutes.

113: WeeWork

This week on the show, Frederique and Zach talk about creatives ditching macOS, pink laptops and WeWork.

112: Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Blogs, so I Put Tumblr Inside WordPress

Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk AR, Tumblr, and more! And sorry for the audio issues this week!

111: Shadow-presenting Nipples

Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk about several data breaches, age discrimination at IBM, hate groups on Discord and Cloudflare, Instagram shadow bans, and more!

110: Build A PC Inside Your Brain

Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk about the tech news of the week while Owen rebuilds his PC. This episode was also live streamed, check it out on YouTube too!

109: Malware has joined the conference call

This week Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk about Zoom Malware, the Nintendo Switch Lite, Zach's social media detox, the 12" Macbook (RIP), and more!

OnePlus 7 Pro review: an enormous phone from the future

A beautiful phone that looks like it's from a sci-fi movie, for a fraction of the price of an iPhone—the OnePlus 7 Pro is a great Pixel alternative.

108: Zuck Bucks

Frederique, Blev, Owen, and Zach talk about $WORK and Facebook ~Libra.