039: America wants to sell your browser history

What does Augmented Reality and a mysterious Apple social app have in common? That Apple is suddenly interested in being “cool” with the teens. That, and Uber’s big mess, Twitter’s rumoured paid plan, how America plans to sell your browser history and more.

Listening time: 48 minutes

038: The final Snapchat showdown

A month ago, Owen wrote a post about why Snapchat was going to fail that reached more than 500,000 views – but Taylor Lorenz, a freelance technology journalist, disagreed with him on Twitter. She joins us to talk about why Snapchat's actually good.

Listening time: 57 minutes

037: Toxic workplaces and fostering good culture

We discuss the toxic workplace culture at Uber and sexism in tech – and interview a special guest, Ben Uretsky, CEO of DigitalOcean on how they're building an intentional 'no assholes' culture. Also discussion on Cloudflare's huge security issue, Amazon Echo being used in a murder case and more.

Listening time: 1 hour, 24 minutes

035: Snapchat bares all

OK, we talk about Snapchat A LOT, but the company is finally IPOing, so we dig into what that means and whether or not they're a viable 'thing' in the long term.

Listening time: 34 minutes

034: Everything is terrible

2017 isn't off to a great start, even for technology. We talk over Facebook's latest moves to kill Snapchat, how 3DTV is over completely, the doomsday clock ticking forward and a whole lot more.

Listening time: 34 minutes

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