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DRM for your photos

A project from Adobe, Twitter and The New York Times wants to help "prove" who made a photo online. It won't work.

Pivoting into fitness

Google's buying Fitbit, a mediocre maker of fitness wearables, but I can't quite figure out why.

Privacy matters

GitLab made a fundamental misstep: not understanding that users don’t want to be tracked.

Dissent in the ranks

It's rare for Facebook employees to speak up, but they're trying to change the company's stance on paid misinformation.

Deja Vu

As history repeats itself, when will news publishers learn to stop doing deals with the devil?

Facebook gets a lashing

Another Facebook hearing, but this time was different: regulators are pissed about a range of topics, not just Libra.

Sliding into your inbox

Two years on, some reflection on where this newsletter is at. 

Members only

Ghost CMS is making it easier to pay writers for their work, and membership-based publications might revive interest in blogging again.

Zuck rewrites history again

Mark Zuckerberg loves community, but why does he keep trying to position himself as the good guy?

Streaming, fragmented

Netflix is about to face its toughest competition in history, but it's hard to tell what that really means for the company.