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129: Be-caucus I Said So

Zach, Frederique and Owen talk about the nightmare that is the Iowa Caucus app.

128: Teach a Man to Catfish

Frederique, Zach and Owen talk tech.

127: Not My Forténite

Frederique, Owen and Zach talk about Fortnite, and how Ninja is now a skin in the game. Also, a bunch more!

126: Post-CES

CES is finally over, and.... it's time to take stock of what happened. Zach, Frederique, and Owen, talk hardware, and all the new things.

125: Pre-CES

Frederique, Owen, and Zach start off 2020 with the Blloc phone, CES, the Playstation 5 logo, and more!

124: The Year Was Twenty-Ninetech

Frederique, Owen, and Zach recap 2019's tech, Charged, and more!

Make your lights smart with switches, not bulbs

Smart lighting is everywhere, but it's cheaper and less hassle to replace your switches, not each individual bulb. Here's the best choices, and why.

Goodbye (for now)

The end of the line for Recharged 1.0 is here, but it doesn't mean goodbye forever. Thank you, again.

The pursuit of the perfect username

Getting a username you actually like is harder than ever, and Twitter has a plan to fix that.

Black Friday Hellscape Week

The only way to win at Black Friday is not to play.