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Zuck rewrites history again

Mark Zuckerberg loves community, but why does he keep trying to position himself as the good guy?

Streaming, fragmented

Netflix is about to face its toughest competition in history, but it's hard to tell what that really means for the company.

A unified front

In 2019, Google has the most coherent hardware story in the industry, it just works.

Facts don't matter if you're paying

Fake news is not your friend—unless, that is, the fake news pays your bills.

The future of consoles is...

The next generation of the PlayStation console has a... surprisingly predictable name. Because of course it does.

Mass Surveillance as a Service

Instagram Threads is here, and along with it, deep access to your most personal data, all the time.

Microsoft's fresh ideas for computing

Is Microsoft the only company actually innovating in the computing space, rather than just incrementing on decades-old ideas? All signs point to yes.

The other side of Zuck

We finally see into the other side of Mark Zuckerberg, in leaked audio from Facebook's internal all hands.

Virtual Reality: Does anyone really care anymore?

Would you wear a VR headset on a plane? All signs point to... no. Also, why does nobody in Facebook's alternate universe have legs?