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123: Scratching the Surface

Frederique, Owen, and Zach freeze over hell! We talk Surface, Windows, Cybertruck, Stadia, Light Phone II, and more.

Google Assistant goes to work

Google finally realizes that its smart Assistant features will be useful at the office, and it's in a prime position to dominate the space.

Please read: Saying goodbye to Recharged

A personal message from Owen, about your subscription and the future of Recharged. Oh, and a bunch of stuff about Stadia, too.

Will millions in funding ruin 1Password?

1Password raised $200 million in funding after 14 years of independence. We try to answer the question: will this ruin the company, or make it even better?

After years of gaslighting, Apple listens

Hot take: Apple is touting that it's listening to user concerns after years of pretending that there's nothing wrong with its MacBooks, and we shouldn't trust them at their word.

Firing up the photocopiers

Facebook’s copying yet another popular app, with the same old playbook.

122: Adobe ZAX

Frederique and Zach talk Adobe MAX, Microsoft Surface hardware, and more!

121: Zuck goes to Washington (again)

Zach, Frederique and Owen talk keyboards, the Pixel 4's crazy Pokemon thing, and a bunch more.

SoftBank's reality distortion

WeWork is in crisis, but SoftBank has a rescue plan: a kooky slide deck that makes no sense.

DRM for your photos

A project from Adobe, Twitter and The New York Times wants to help "prove" who made a photo online. It won't work.